Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fate Core RPG Weapons

Many have heard me drone on before about how I hate the fact that, in many games, a gun is a gun is a gun.If you’re into combat and martial arts and action movies and paramilitary/espionage RPGs like I am, that just doesn’t work. There is a reason someone picks what weapon they want for their characters and it’s not just based on because it looks cooler. That is to say, when you look at it like I do. Yes, surely sometimes, it’s just flavor. But to limit it to only flavor is a bit…meh, in my mind. So, what can I do with weapons in Fate Core? It turns out a lot, really. I thank the Fate Core G+ Community and especially +Robert Hanz  and +Jacob Poss for their guidance with this. And, admittedly, this would be better done if I collaborated more with the likes of them and +Jonathan Henry , +Robert Brumbelow , +Gerardo Tasistro , and +Douglas Cole if not for their familiarity with Fate, their familiarity and understanding of combat and a variety of modern weapons.

Diamond Edged Sword
Because the diamond edged sword is so sharp, it grants +2 to forcefully cut through objects.
The diamond edged sword is dangerous in the wrong hands.

Sniper Rifle
Because the sniper rifle is scoped, it grants a +2 to carefully create advantage when aiming.
Made for long range, not close quarters.

With various view options the multi-scope provides +2 to carefully overcome obstacles when aiming.
Delicate and expensive.

Full Auto Machinegun
Because it is capable of full automatic gunfire, the weapon provides a +2 bonus when trying to forcefully create obstacles with suppressive fire.
Great weapon, when it doesn’t jam.