Sunday, December 3, 2017

Heroes Unlimited Age of Astonishment and Me, MIA

I took one day off from working on these characters that I started after seeing what +Jacob Possin had started with World's Strongest. He's been at it full steam ahead and my one day off has turned into several. Let me try to explain why.

1. I have been fighting off a cold all week and each day it gets worse rather than better.
2. Jake and I had a long talk about writing and writing goals the other night. So, what very little energy I have had, I have put toward failing to meet my writing goals.

So, in either case, folks, it really just comes down to human frailty and bad timing.

Not one of my characters has that, well maybe Ms. Miracle, but she got better.

I'm coming back to this, but it may or may not be today.

You know, for all the years I played Palladium, I'm still finding out new things and I STILL can't get character creation under 2 hours. It's like I say, there's a mini-game of character creation before the game starts.

I hope to have some new characters up soon, even though I have to rename my next one due to Jacob's release of Seraph. That's not a whine, but a "rat's foiled again" by someone who is kind enough to allow me to enter his circle although his capabilities are certainly beyond mind. Remember: being the smartest person in the room is boring. Instead, surround yourself with people smarter and more skilled than you are in hopes it'll rub off.

Now, to deal a bit more with the man cold and I'll be back after these messages....

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