Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: Age of Astonishment The Crimson Commando

First, we had the Hardware Weapons Master Elf, Hunter
Then, there was an Empowered Acrobatic Heroine, Ms. Miracle
Then, I introduced the villainous Iron King and Asgard Technologies

Now, I'll put this out there--a super soldier from the Heroes Unlimited Powers Unlimited 2.

You know, a lot of things have popped out at me over time. I knew these books were never all that well put together/edited. Look in the complete list of powers in Powers Unlimited 3--pretty sure some are missing there and one of the lines is the selection choice for powers rather than an actual power. In N&SS there are instructions for converting the Ancient Master to use those martial arts. Then, in the 2nd Ed. main book, those instructions are completely contradicted. Mind you, in N&SS, in the same Ancient Master conversion section, it gives you +2 bonus melee attacks, later goes on to say you only get the attacks per melee from your form with NOTHING else, but you'll get more as you level.

I even read some Errata/FAQ last night. I learned a few things there. I may have built a few characters wrong according to those clarifications, but I don't care, I would've overruled them anyhow.

This character presented it's own problems. Choose one of these special super soldier augmentations, but ignore everything above. How far above? Uh, lazy. And, while I erred on the side of caution there, I took advantage of a loophole that had me give up 3 physical skills and got a martial art--a martial art unlike any other in the book that gave me 4 physical skills!

I can be pretty sure Kevin and his team will never go back and correct all this stuff. I think their answer to the same skills listed under different categories with different base percentages and added percentages was that you had to keep an eye on where you were taking them from. Did you take your 4th level character's Prowl from Physical or Rogue? Hope you wrote it down, although some basic math might help, if you remembered where it came from during the 2 hour character creation session.

Point is: I love this game. I just want it to be better. Is that so wrong? Meanwhile Rifts Savage Worlds is out there, but that's a different game. I love what +Sean Patrick Fannon has done with it and I enjoy it. But, for people like +Jacob Possin and myself, just because we enjoy the new stuff doesn't mean we can't relive and re-enjoy the old stuff.

And, I'm not trying to take anything from the team over at Palladium. It's how many years later, an even with its imperfections, I still love it.

Also, about the images here, I was also a big fan of G.I. Joe--the comics, toys, cartoons, etc. These Marauder figures are pretty damned awesome.

Meet Jerry Brock. He grew up in an abusive home on the wrong side of the tracks. As soon as he turned 18, he was shipping off for the Army. His anger found a home and he excelled at his job. He moved through Basic Training without issue and quickly followed up with jungle survival, jump school, and other advanced training. He had a new family and he would lay down his life for any one of them. Indeed, he put his life on the line numerous times.

Whenever there was a chance, Burke was front and center, always ready for the next big adventure. That is what led him to the Echelon Project, a secret super soldier enhancement program. There he went through dangerous experimentation, although many thought the training was more dangerous. It is thought his uncanny memory is what made him an ideal candidate, latent psychic talent perhaps. Whatever it was, he was one of the few who survived and even thrived.

Still, what they were hoping would happen didn't. He would fulfill his contract before any abilities surfaced. He and the military parted on good terms. It would be almost a full year later when he noticed he had actually changed. He had powers beyond any of his peers. He didn't call the Army back. That was his old life. It was time for him to embark on his own tour of duty.

Now, he travels to hotspots here at home and delivers swift and unquestioning justice.

Now, he is...

The Crimson Commando

Real Name: Jerry Burke
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Level of Education: Military Specialist (used Rifter 25 new skill programs)
O.C.C. Super Soldier B.I.A.
Level: 1

I.Q. 14
M.E. 15
M.A. 8
P.S. 27 (extraordinary) (+12 melee damage)
P.P. 26 (+6 parry, dodge, and strike)
P.E. 28 (26% save vs. coma/death; +7 save vs. poison/magic)
P.B. 8
Spd. 38

H.P. 54
S.D.C. 224
I.S.P. 36

Scholastic Skills:

Climbing ( 90% )
Rappelling ( 55% )
Military Etiquette ( 55% )
Radio: Basic ( 70% )
NBC Warfare ( 45% )
Camouflage ( 35% )
First Aid ( 50% )
Swimming ( 80% )
Swimming (S.C.U.B.A.) ( 65% )
Prowl ( 50% )
Parachuting ( 60% )
Trap Construction ( 30% )
Demolitions ( 70% )
Demolitions Disposal ( 65% )
Underwater Demolitions ( 65% )
Detect Ambush ( 45% )
Intelligence ( 47% )
Wilderness Survival ( 55% )
Interrogation ( 55% )
Tracking ( 50% )
Chinese ( 55% )
Gardening ( 50% )
Cooking ( 35% )
Fasting ( 54% )
Taoism ( 70% )
Mathematics: Basic ( 60% )
Pilot: Automobile ( 45% )
Speak, Read, Write English ( 98% )
Gymnastics ( Sense of Balance 60%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings 70%, Climb Rope 70%, Backflip 80% )

Secondary Skills:
Streetwise ( 20% )
Computer Operations ( 40% )
Land Navigation ( 36% )
Speak, Read, Write Arabic ( 55% )
Speak, Read, Write Spanish ( 55%)

Total Recall
Telekinetic Leap
Telekinetic Punch

Weapon Proficiencies:
W.P. Thrown
W.P. Claws*
W.P. Knife* +1
W.P. Bolt-Action Rifle
W.P. Machinegun
W.P. Sub-Machinegun
W.P. Automatic Pistol

*weapon kata

Defensive Immunity
Defensive Will
Healing Factor

Combat & Other Bonuses:
HtH: Fu Chiao Pai Tiger Claw Kung Fu
4 attacks per melee
+5 roll
+7 strike
+1 leap
+6 parry
+6 dodge
+2 strike with aimed shot
+2 pull punch
Enhanced Vision, Sense of Smell, Sense of Touch
+2 vs. psionics
+4 save vs. mind control
+4 save vs. Horror Factor
+30% save vs. coma/death
+2 damage on all hand strikes
Critical strike from behind
Karumi-Jutsu (Weightlessness) Zenjorike
Can last 10x longer before exhaustion sets in
Can go 72 hours full throttle before needing rest
Leap 26 feet across and 21 feet high with a short run; half as far without the short run
+2 initiative

Note: Don't forget about the bonuses from Defensive Will when active