Sunday, November 26, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: Age of Astonishment & Ms. Miracle

Yesterday, I followed in the footsteps of +Jacob Possin an dove headfirst into rekindling my love of Palladium RPGs, particularly Heroes Unlimited. I wrote up one of my favorite characters from that old game, Hunter, an elven weapons master. I dove right back in this morning before getting called away by real life obligations. But, now I am back and can't stop coming up with ideas and wanting to hurry up and get them down.

Jake went ahead and have his Heroes Unlimited setting a name, World's Strongest. I figured--as usually--he's right and I should probably do the same. So, now we have Heroes Unlimited: Age of Astonishment.

He's considering my characters and ideas canon--his main setting in Coast City and mine in Gatestone. I'll be doing the same.

Next, I'm going to create a character I had an idea for a long time ago. In fact, when I started this project yesterday, the character came to mind. But, I never had the Powers Unlimited books back when I used to play. The reason that matters is that I didn't think creating this character was possible in a RAW sort of way. Powers Unlimited 2, however, definitely made it possible. I still did a bit of tweaking to the rules to get things just how I wanted them, though.

For the most part, I used the Empowered Power Category. I combined it with the Imbued Power Category, though. There is a reason for this.

I came up with the idea when I was spending a lot of the time in the children's wing of a hospital. The character is, in short, someone who is partially paralyzed due to a debilitating disease, but an experimental medicine worked a lot better than was expected. The alterations I made should make sense once it's all put together.

Now, let me introduce you to. . .

Ms. Miracle

Real Name: Shelia Rhoades
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105 lbs. (170 lbs. in Ms. Miracle form)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green (Gold in Ms. Miracle form)
Education Level:
O.C.C.: Empowered Hero
Level: 1

I.Q. 17 (+3% to skills)
M.E. 24 (+5 save vs. psionic attack; +7 save vs. insanity)
M.A. 18 (21) (+65% trust/intimidation)
P.S. 2 (57 - Supernatural) (+42 melee damage)
P.P. 4 (27) (+6 strike, parry, dodge)
P.E. 4 (35) (+8 save vs. magic/poison; +35% save vs. coma/death)
P.B. 19 (31) (+94% charm/impress)
Spd. 10 (56) (run 1,120 yards/min.; 280 yards per combat round)

H.P. 69
P.P.E. 21

Scholastic Skills:

Pilot Automobile ( 63% )
Mathematics: Basic ( 78% )
Speak, Read, Write English ( 98% )
Speak, Read, Write Spanish ( 73% )
Speak, Read, Write German ( 73% )
Speak, Read, Write Farsi ( 73% )
Speak, Read, Write Russian ( 73% )
Computer Operation ( 73% )
Research ( 83% )
Photography ( 58% )
Writing - Journalistic Style ( 48% )
Business & Finance ( 58% )
Law - General (48% )

  • Sense of Balance ( 82% )
  • Work Parallel Bars & Rings ( 92% )
  • Climb Rope ( 92% )
  • Backflip ( 98% )


  • Sense of Balance ( 93% )
  • Walk Tight Rope/High Wire ( 93% )
  • Climb Rope ( 98% )
  • Backflip ( 83% )

Dance ( 63% )
Swimming ( 73% )

Secondary Skills:

First Aid ( 48% )
HTH: Martial Arts
Climbing / Rappelling ( 73% / 63% )
Prowl ( 48% )
Art ( 38% )
Writing - Poetry ( 28% )
Cook ( 38% )


All powers are only in Ms. Miracle form
Natural A.R. 10
Extraordinary Physical Prowess
Extraordinary Physical Strength (Carry 100 x P.S., Lift 200 x P.S.)
Physical Perfection
Extraordinary Physical Endurance (+1d4 H.P per level)
Enhanced Leaping Leap 15 feet x P.S horizontal, half as much vertically, if able to land on feet able to fall twice as far as horizontal leap distance without damage

HTH: Martial Arts
+6 attacks per melee
+2 intiative
+3 strike
+4 parry
+3 dodge
+2 disarm
+7 pull punch
+8 roll with punch/fall/impact
+2 save vs Horror Factor
+2 save vs. mind control
+2 save vs. possession
+1d6 kick attack damage
+3 automatic dodge
+5% save vs. coma/death

Gear, Weapons, & Equipment:
Read the description that follows. he's rich. But, for her crime fighting, she doesn't need anything more than her medicine and her costume. She could admittedly do it without the costume, but this is a family friendly program.


Sheila Rhoades was an up and coming star in the gymnastics circuit. She always had a natural athletic  ability and even made it to the Olympics when she was younger. She won a silver and travelled the world pursuing her passion. She also went to school on a full scholarship for her gymnastics, not that she needed the scholarship. Sheila comes from a rich and powerful family (note: private backers of Project Longshot).

She kept with her athletic studies while in school, but also studied international business in hopes of having a career in the family business--a worldwide financial firm known as Veritas, Inc. During one competition--one that was, by all accounts, going to be easy for her--Sheila fell. She couldn't move. At first, they feared the worst, that she had fallen and hurt her spine. The reality was actually much worse. Her spine is what caused her to fall. A rare degenerative disease was attacking her body.

She became wheelchair bound, all hopes of her furthering her gymnastics career squashed. Her family spent a lot of money looking for a cure. Nothing was working. There was no cure. The paralysis would only continue to grow until it caused her early death. That was all there was to it.

Then, one day, her father ushered her off to a lab somewhere in the mountains. They injected her with a experimental serum. Nothing happened. What little hope was left was lost. Driving home in the back of the limo with her father, though, something did happen. Sheila began to spasm uncontrollably. Her father rushed to her side, trying to help her. In a flash, she changed.

Her arms and legs struck out, but she had no control of them. They busted bulletproof windows and sent glass shattering toward the driver who lost control of the vehicle. The car plunged off a bridge into the icy waters below. Instinctively, Sheila's body twisted and contorted and leapt to safety.

The official story would be that her father had pushed her out the door saving his life just before he and the driver lost their own. Her brother took over the company, but she was able to find her father's information and contact the lab that had made the serum. She got more from Dr. Baki Damji. Their secret would be their own and she would take on criminals throughout Gatestone City under the guise of Ms. Miracle.

Note: The drug has killed anyone else it has been given to. It lasts for approximately 8 hours. Sheila has not developed any chemical dependency/addiction...yet.