Sunday, November 26, 2017

Palladium RPG: Hunter, an Elf in Modern Times

My pal, +Jacob Possin started something over on his blog where he's designing characters and doing a bit of worldbuilding (because, he can't stop himself from telling a good story). He's creating characters for Palladium.

I just noticed it today and found it quite interesting, because I've been thinking a lot about Palladium Games myself recently. Like Jake, my first game was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness. Then, I kept playing those games they put out, even though Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Champions, FASERIP, and others followed.

So, I'm not here to steal my buddy's thunder, but I thought--gee, I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Maybe I should follow suit. I hope he doesn't mind. After all, what's that saying about imitation being the greatest form of flattery.

Now, Jake has a number of rules/limitations he's making for his characters. There's nothing wrong with that. I, however, won't be doing the same.

I'm creating my characters normally--as normal as it can be in the parameters defined by Palladium anyhow. I'll be rolling the stats normally. I'm using any book I see fit. I am adding in the skill percentages. Everything is free game. I'm going to try and keep to the rules as they were written/published/intended. If I decide to stray from the path, I'll try my best to point it out.

I do know one houserule I use is with duplicate skills. If characters get the same skill more than once, I'll add 10% if there is no associated bonus. If it's gained a second or third time as a secondary skill, it'll only be +5%. Weapon Proficiencies will actually add a level to the skill.

Without further ado, here's my first entry. This is a character I made and played long ago. There might be some slight differences, but I tried to make him as close to what he originally was. Here is, The Hunter.

The Hunter

Name: Jack Davis (Kelth du Onan)
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Education Level: Masters Degree
O.C.C.: Hardware - Weapons Expert
Level: 1

I.Q. 23 (+9% to skills)
M.E. 12
M.A. 9
P.S. 20 (+ 5 melee damage)
P.P. 24 (+5 parry/dodge/strike)
P.E. 16 (+4% save vs. coma/death, +1 save vs. magic/poison)
P.B. 22 (60% charm/impress)
Spd. 18 (90 yards/round)

H.P. 20
S.D.C. 93
P.P.E. 19

Scholastic Skills:

Read & Write Elvish ( 98% )
Mathematics: Basic ( 74% )
Mathematics: Advanced ( 74% )
Mechanical Engineer ( 64% )
Basic Electronics ( 59% )
Locksmith ( 69% )
Computer Operations ( 69% )
Chemistry ( 59% )
Analytical Chemistry ( 54%)
Anthropology ( 49% )
Biology ( 59 %)
Sense of Balance ( 89% )
Walk Tightrope/Highwire ( 89% )
Climb Rope ( 98% )
Backflip ( 79% )
Prowl ( 66% )
Climbing ( 89% )
Rappelling ( 79% )
Sense of Balance ( 79% )
Work Parallel Bars / Rings ( 89% )
Climb Rope ( 89% )
Backflip ( 98% )
Demolitions ( 93% )
Demolitions Disposal ( 93% )
Find Contraband ( 55% )
Basic Mechanics ( 69% )
Make & Modify Weapons ( 93% )
Recognize Weapon Quality ( 34% by Sight; 59% by Personal Examination)
Pilot Automobile ( 69% )
Language English ( 79% )
Language Mandarin ( 59% )
Philosophy - Taoism ( 79 % )

Secondary Skills:

Identify Plants & Fruits ( 36% )
Wilderness Survival ( 44% )
Pilot Motorcycle ( 69% )
Athletics (General)
Research ( 59% )

Weapon Proficiencies:

Chain* +1
Large Sword*
Short Sword*
Small Thrown Weapons*
Paired Axe*
Paired Blunt*
Paired Knife*
Paired Chain*
Bow* +1
Automatic Pistol
Automatic Rifle
Bolt-Action Rifle
Energy Rifle
Paired Revolved & Pistol
Heavy Weapons
With revolvers, pistols, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, energy pistols, energy rifles:
+1 attack per melee
Can fire 2 hander 1 handed without penalty
Shoot over shoulder with mirror without penalty
½ bonuses when firing from animal or moving vehicle
No penalty to shoot while upsidedown/standing on head
Dodge, roll, or somersault and come up shooting--no penalty or bonuses

*kata weapons

Combat Abilities:

Horror Factor (as elf) 10
Horror Factor (as weapon master) 8

3 attacks per round
+1 attack per round w/Bow (Elf ability)
+6 roll with punch/fall/impact
+8 parry and dodge
+5 strike
+1 save vs. horror factor
+1 attack per melee with any type of gun
+3 to disarm on called shot with gun
+4 initiative with guns (quickdraw)

HTH: 18 Weapons Kung Fu
+1 on initiative
+9 to strike
+9 to parry and dodge
+2 to roll with punch/fall/impact
Weapon Tap (Special): The attack does no damage, but makes a loud snap or bang by knocking the weapon against some part of the opponent's body or equipment. Getting a bang off a belt buckle, the skull, or a weapon is considered the most challenging. It adds +10% to any roll to impress or intimidate.

Combat Skills:
Attacks per Melee: 4 (5 with bow)
Escape Moves: Roll with punch/fall/impact and maintain balance.
Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, parry, automatic parry.
Advanced Defenses: Multiple Dodge and Circular Parry.
Open Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Knife-Hand, and Palm Strike.
Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack and Snap Kick. Jumping Foot

Equipment, Weapons, & Gear:

Kliq Weapons: A series of small rods/batons that can be fit on a belt/bandolier or his specialized forearm holster. When activated, mechanisms fall into place to collapse or extend into:

Kliq Longbow: 2d6
Kliq Staff: 2d6
Kliq Escrima: 1d8

Fighting Chain (x2) 1d8
Kusuri Kama (x2) 2d6

Dual Quiver (full quicker to right and left)
Grappling Arrows x4
Explosive Arrowheads x8 5d6
Smoke Arrowheads x4
Sleeping Gas Arrowheads x4
Barbed Arrowheads x10 2d6
Throwing Knives x8 2d4
7.62 Sniper Rifle 4d6
Desert Eagles x2 6d6 damage
Modified Modern Plate Armor on key areas AR 12 SDC 75
Medium Cycle
Fully Set Up Shop
Other tools of the trade

Kelth du Onan is an elf. Sound ridiculous? Most would agree. In fact, his current cover identity, Jack Davis, would agree. It’s better for everyone to know that his people are merely the stuff of children’s stories and myth. The reality is, they do exist. In fact, so do many of the tales we have all come to accept and falsehoods.

They exist just beyond the shadows, hidden away from the world. Kelth was a young scout for an Elvish force known as the Huntsmen--their mission to help guard the veil that separates us. On his first mission, however, he fell through to our reality completely. He hit his head after literally falling into a river. He got caught up in the tide, pushed into an underwater cave and spat out on the floor of the same cave. His team couldn’t find him and left him for dead.

He would awaken later and begin to wander, his young self unable to pierce the veil. He came upon a small town, his long hair luckily covering his ears--the sure tell sign of his heritage. He had learned rudimentary English as part of his earlier training and quickly adopted his new identity, Jack Davis.

He adapted quickly and even managed to attend a local school on scholarship, working nights in a factory that manufactured weapons. He showed a real talent for more mechanical aspects of the job and continued his schooling. He earned a Master's degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in weapon design. As part of his schooling and work, he trained with weapons he designed and modified, also showing natural talent.

When he moved to the city, he was aghast at the injustice that permeated the concrete jungle. He began working on his own projects in his own time, soon developing yet a third persona--that of The Hunter. Now, he continues to work in a design lab during the day, but stays awake at night, meteing out his own personal brand of justice amid the streets of Gatestone City.