Friday, August 9, 2013

Homebrew Descriptors for the Numenera RPG

I've really been digging the Numenera role playing game so far. With only 12 descriptors, it almost begs to have new ones written. I talked about this in one of my earlier blog posts, about how--even with guidelines and examples--I wasn't quite sure how close or how far off I was. So, I decided to write some up tonight and share them with the fine folks of Internetlandia and get some feedback

Descriptor: Calculating

You are a methodical, linear thinker. You often find the easiest, most direct method, but you still consider all of the variables. You may take time to act, but you usually end up with better results than others. You might be heralded as a wise man, a problem solver, or an engineer.
Exacting: +2 to Intellect Pool.
Skill: Trained in problem solving, crafts, and one knowledge of choice.
Skill: Trained in skills requiring incredible focus or concentration.
Inability: Initiative tasks are one difficulty higher for you.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
  1. You were recruited to help solve a puzzle or mystery.
  2. You saved another PC previously by disarming or outsmarting a trap.
  3. You have been assigned by a local authority to travel with the party to help keep them out of trouble.
  4. One of the PCs bested you in solving a puzzle or riddle previously. You have been working together sense, although you are always trying to prove that your intellect is superior to theirs.

Descriptor: Feral

You have lived apart from others for most of your life. Whether you were a child raised in the wild or a little bit older when you struck out away from society, the outside world is your home now. You may be a brilliant tracker or hunter, but most of all, you are a survivor. Others might seek you out for your familiarity with the untamed lands or you may be seeking a way to reintegrate with civilized peoples.
Inured: +2 to Might Pool.
Skill: You are trained in skills such as survival, hunting, and tracking.
Skill: You are trained in skills with preparing food and working with natural plants.
Inability: Your ability to operate or understand numenera is always one step higher.
Inability: You have been away from society for a long time. The difficulty of any task involving charm, negotiation, persuasion, or deception is increased by one step.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
  1. One of the PCs found you in the wild. You became fast friends and you travel together ever since they saved you from near certain death.
  2. You saved one of the PC’s lives when they were traveling in the wild. You have traveled together since.
  3. One of the PCs has promised to lead you to a home you can only remember bits and pieces of.
  4. You left society due to a grave injustice and one of the PCs has agreed to help you right that wrong.

Descriptor: Vicious

You are a harsh individual. You exact the most critical strikes both on the field of battle and off. Those who would dare stand in your way should surely think twice. Most likely you are a warrior, a brigand, maybe a politically motivated individual. You may have an end goal in site or you simply may value others so little that you almost enjoy inflicting pain.
Cruel: You add +1 to damage rolls.
Skill: You have become adept ad reading people in order to find out the most efficient way to inflict harm, granting you trained ability with reading people, motives, and finding weaknesses.
Inability: Your nature often shows through making tasks involving pleasant social interaction and charm one step more difficult.
Additional Equipment: You have an additional Light Weapon.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
  1. You have left town to avoid trouble over someone you have harmed in one way or another and found yourself in the company of the party.
  2. You are seeking vengeance on someone and find it wiser to travel with the PCs than alone.
  3. In a challenge, one of the PCs showed you mercy. You have been intrigued by this and indebted to them ever since.
  4. You need money to fund some fiendish endeavor.
So, this is an attempt, I'm interested to hear what others have to say about these descriptors.

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